Leaflets in English

In the face of the acceleration of the deportations and the germanisation politics of German imperialism we have, primarily, to propagate proletarian internationalism and Communism!
On the Co-operation of the Revolutionary Forces of Different Nationalities in Germany

January 2000, 450 KB




Solidarity with the just reparation demands of the Herero people in Namibia!
The Genocide Committed Against the Herero by the German Imperialists Won’t Be Forgiven Nor Forgotten!

January 1999, 520 KB

May 8th 1995: 50th Anniversary of the military victory over Nazi Fascism
The Potsdam Agreement: a sharp weapon for unmasking German imperialism, revanchism and militarism

July 1995, 320 KB

Nazis are doing the dirty work for CDU/SPD/FDP/GREENS who have long proclaimed a policy of „deterrence“:

June 1995, 200 KB




Long live the Revolution in Mexico!

January 1995, 1 MB

A Nazi Criminal And His Career: Nazi Officer – Official of the Revisionist SED (Socialist Unity Party of Germany) Top-Level Social Democrat Politician:
What the „Just Case“ Shows Us

November 1993, 360 KB

In the long run the workers of the Soviet Union will bring to an end this anti-Communist and revisionist nightmare, with another proletarian revolution!
Neither Gorbachov, nor Yeltsin, nor the „Brezhnevists“ will lead the Soviet Union out of decay and crisis!

September 1993, 200 KB



International Womens‘ Day, March 8:
Clara Zetkin – for the rights of proletarian women in the fight for communism

March 1992, 200 KB

The Wannsee Conference of 1942:
Remember everything!

February 1992, 200 KB

Why West/German Imperialism Recognizes Croatia

January 1992, 200 KB

50 years ago, German imperialism attacked the then-socialist Soviet Union:
No Illusions About West/German Imperialism!

June 1991, 230 KB

October 3, 1990: Is the annexation of the GDR and West Berlin complete?
The last word has not yet been spoken!

October 1990, 1 MB





Prevent the deportation and mass expulsion of political persecutes, who demand the right of Asylum! Combat the stultification and baiting of the westgerman population! Westgerman Imperialism foments the Atmosphere of Pogroms

September 1986, 320 KB




Cold-blooded murder of over 400 men and women fighters, above all from the C.P. of Peru, a midst applause from the “Socialist International” in Lima: The fascist deeds of social-democracy in Peru

Juni 1986, 339 KB





Support the armed struggle against racism and imperialism in South-Africa!

August 1985, 2 pages, 525 KB